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Current treatments
There are a variety of treatments available for prostate cancer, with different options
recommended depending on the location, spread and aggressiveness of the cancer.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are common treatments used to destroy cancer
cells, while immunotherapy is a more recent treatment which harnesses the patient’s own
immune system to seek out and destroy the prostate cancer cells.
Some patients may also have surgery to remove their prostate, particularly if the cancer
is confined to the prostate gland.
Hormone therapy is another option which aims to reduce testosterone (the male
hormone) to slow the growth of the cancer.
For localised prostate cancer, sometimes active surveillance is all that is recommended
which means regular monitoring through PSA tests, DREs and occasional biopsies. If the
cancer progresses, then additional treatment methods will be recommended.
Current research
Some men are effectively cured with surgery or radiation therapy, but for others the
cancer has spread or become resistant to therapies. In addition, some treatments leave
debilitating side effects which can be worse than the cancer itself.
This is why research is so important. Through the support of our donors, APC proudly
funds a number of research projects to improve the outcomes for patients with prostate
So this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month let’s help save the lives of all Australian
men, like Mark and his family, in finding a cure and building awareness of this
deadly disease.
Amy Durant is with the
Hospital Research Foundation


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