Next Gen Life - eMagazine Sept 2019 - Page 13

There’s something funny about the way we
talk about authenticity. We want to learn
authenticity. We want to react
authentically. Authenticity is something
we want to get. We treat being authentic
as something we have, as opposed to
something we are. This can actually keep
us from developing this trait, since we’re
trying to attain something that, by
definition, we already have.
Authenticity is more than when someone
believes in what they say or acts in a way
that is consistent with their beliefs.
Authentic people possess a number of
common characteristics that show they
are psychologically mature and fully
functioning as human beings. They have
realistic perceptions of reality, are
accepting of themselves and of other
people, are able to express their emotions
freely and clearly, are open to learning
from their mistakes and understand their
motivations to name a few.
How do I know when I am being
The truth is that we all have moments of
inauthenticity. When we act in ways that
are not aligned with our highest potential,
with our values and with our beliefs, we
move further away from who we
authentically are. This can result in a lack
of fulfilment, lack of happiness, and an
overall disconnect from ourselves and


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