Next Gen Life - eMagazine Sept 2019 - Page 21

2: Group Training
Group exercise instructors teach, lead, and
motivate individuals through intentionally
designed, larger, in-person group movement
classes (more than five participants, or it
would be group personal training). Group
classes are designed to be effective,
motivational sessions for different fitness
levels with instructors having leadership
techniques that help individuals in their class
achieve fitness goals. There are many types of
classes and equipment, from cardio-based
classes and indoor cycling to dance-based
classes to step classes. For the 2019 survey,
the description of this trend was changed from
large group training to group training. Group
exercise training programs have been around
for a long time and have appeared as a
potential worldwide trend since this survey
was originally constructed. However, it was
only in 2017 that group exercise training made
the top 20, appearing at #6, and #2 in the
2018 survey.
3: High-Intensity Interval
Training (HIIT)
These exercise programs typically involve
short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise
followed by a short period of rest. Although
there are several commercial examples of
HIIT, all emphasize higher intensities (above
90%) of maximum during the higher intensity
segments followed by periods of rest and
recovery. Although offered as a possible trend
in previous surveys, but not making the top 20,
HIIT was #1 in the survey for 2014 and 2018
and has been in the top five every year since
2014. Despite the warnings by some fitness
professionals of potentially increased injury
rates using HIIT, this form of exercise has
been popular in gyms all over the world.
4: Fitness Programs for Older
This is a trend that emphasizes and caters to
the fitness needs of the Baby Boom and older
generations. These individuals in general have
more discretionary income than their younger
counterparts, and fitness clubs may capitalize
on this growing market. People are living
longer, working longer, and remaining healthy
and active much longer. This trend is making a
strong return after being in the top 10 since
2007 (when it was the #2 trend) before
dropping to #11 for 2017. Last year, fitness
programs for older adults was the #9 trend.


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