Next Gen Life - eMagazine Sept 2019 - Page 25

Truthfully, when I first heard about
collagen supplements, I was hoping all
my millennial, anti-wrinkle dreams had
come true – no expensive
microdermabrasion, risky Botox or
painful face peels needed for baby soft
skin anymore, just a delicious drink!
Sound a little too good to be true? That’s
exactly what my skeptical medical brain
thought, so I had to dig a little deeper
than the typical google search to find
out if this stuff actually works before I
fork out $65 on ‘The Beauty Chef’.
Collagen supplement companies claim
their product can help:Acne & breakouts
Reverse signs of ageing by promoting
skin elasticity & hydration, as well as
reducing wrinkles
Muscle growth
Improve gut health
Improve joint & ligament pain
Before you run off to the health food
store & start chugging this youth potion,
stay with me…
First things first, we need to talk about
the legalities of the supplement market
in Australia. I know it sounds boring, but
I strongly believe more people need to
know about this because it can directly
affect your wellbeing. Supplement
companies are allowed to insinuate
whatever they like on labels & branding,
however they are not able to claim
something unless it’s been proven.
It’s a clever way for them to market their
product to consumers without
technically lying or getting in strife from
the consumer watchdog. I know it
sounds ridiculous but unfortunately in
Australia, you as the consumer are
responsible for what supplements you
choose to take and what information
you choose to believe – this is a huge
loophole and it does come with
consequences for the public.
A prime example of this is the dietary
supplement ‘Metabolife 356’. This
supplement was on the market for close
to a decade, promoted as a herbal
weight loss supplement, but let me tell
you, it was far from ‘herbal’. Metabolife
356 contained compounds that were
chemically related to
methamphetamine, or meth as the kids
call it.
There were thousands of complaints
from consumers, including; strokes,
heart attacks and several deaths, from
otherwise young & healthy people. The
company covered it up for years and
continued to sell their product for profit
gain. They were happy to gamble the
lives of millions to make a few million.
So please read between the lines, do
some proper research or ask a dietitian
for advice before taking pills or powders


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