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Skin & Hair
Muscle Growth
It breaks my heart to say this but; there’s
no data to show that collagen
supplements improve hair strength or
growth, acne or breakouts, wrinkles and
skin elasticity for people under 50 years of
One of the many things collagen
companies claim is that they’re
supplement can help ‘gainz’ in the gym,
as it contains all 9 essential amino acids
(EAA) needed for growth & repair.
However, there has been some benefits
seen for people over the age of 50, BUT
these studies had numerous flaws so err
on the side of caution.
Firstly, protein supplements are a back
up to SUPPLEMENT missing protein in
your diet to ensure you’re providing
your body with enough quality protein
for protein synthesis.
At the moment, I’m keeping my $65 and
working with what I know. I’m aware that
telling you to ‘change your lifestyle’
doesn’t sound as sexy as simply sipping
away all the years spent in the sun without
a hat, but it’s time we all abide by the
school rules we all loved to hate when it
comes to improving skin health.
If you eat more protein than you need,
like any food despite how healthy, it will
be converted to fat. When you look at
the amino acid profile of collagen
compared to meat, yoghurt or whey
protein supplements, it doesn’t even
come close to being considered a
source of protein for muscle growth.
Drink enough water, eat plenty of colourful
fruits & vegetables, avoid sleeping in
makeup and choose creams with UV to
protect your skin from everyday sun
There isn’t enough EAA’s alone to
promote muscle synthesis, not to
mention the lack of Leucine available in
these products (leucine is the main AA
needed for stimulating muscle growth).
Collagen Peptide Supplement (11g)
contains 310mg Leucine.
Whey Protein Concentrate (11g)
contains 1115mg Leucine.
This is a perfect example of supplement
companies using selective wording. If
you’re using a collagen supplement as
your primary protein supplement for
muscle growth, you’re not getting what
you paid for. Swap to whey protein
powders to get those hard-earned
GAINZ and save some money at the
same time.


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