Next Gen Life - eMagazine Sept 2019 - Page 28

I’m a bag of mixed emotions; I’m
disappointed collagen’s not the sexy, antiwrinkle drink I wanted it to be, but I’m
pleasantly surprised at how promising it
looks for joint health in the future.
I can catch myself being pretty cynical
when it comes to supplements however
collagen has surprised me. One thing I’m
sure of is that it certainly doesn’t live up to
the hype when it comes to skin & protein
claims, but it may have some value for
those with arthritis and joint pain.
Keep in mind; the quality of your collage
supplement (or any supplement) is crucial
for reaping the benefits. If you’re looking
into buying collagen, I recommend 3-10g
of ‘Collage Peptides’ or ‘Hydrolysed
Collagen’ per day for the best effects.
Remember, there are plenty of other
things that have been extensively
researched and shown to work that you
can do to avoid buying expensive
Make sure you’re doing the basics right
first before adding in any supplements to
your diet - they’re not magic.
Olivia Morrison is a Dietitian & Nutritionist (APD)


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