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“Women’s Health Week is a fun and
informative way for women to focus on
themselves and learn some valuable health
information,” says Women’s Health Week
campaign manager Brenda Jones.
Ms Jones believes that women are leading
busier lives than ever before, which makes
them more prone to look after others ahead
of themselves. “Ultimately, we wish to equip
women with the tools to lead a healthy and
happy life,” says Ms Jones.
Ms Jones says it’s easy to get involved in
Women’s Health Week. “Learn some new
health information by listening to our
daily podcast while walking the dog,
watching our Facebook live events at work,
taking a quick quiz or reading one of our
health articles,” she says.
In its annual National Women’s Health
Survey, Jean Hailes identified the two
biggest barriers to women following a
healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health
not being a priority’.
Yet, by making even small changes, women
can improve their health and reduce their
risk of getting a range of illnesses. “We
know that little changes can mean
significant health gains for women of all
ages,” says Ms Jones.
If the 2018 Women’s Health Week is
anything to go by, Jean Hailes is already
making a difference to women all over
Australia. Of the more than 100,000 women
who took part in the week, 92% said they
were making positive health changes
because of the information they received
during the week.
By signing up to Women’s Health Week,
women will receive daily health tips, tools
and information to help them unlock their
own powers for good health in five key
areas, focusing on one area each day.
It’s time to start making positive changes
that can last a lifetime!


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