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They can work with other health
professionals who all have common
goals to improve pain, restore function
and address lifestyle factors in order to
get patients back to work and play.
The techniques utilised by a
Myotherapist have a lot in common with
ones that you’ll see used variously in
Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic,
Exercise Physiology and Remedial
Massage therapy.
While the distinction between
Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology (an
intervention focusing primarily on
exercise), Remedial Massage (an
intervention oriented primarily around
massage) and Chiropractic (an
intervention focusing primarily on the
spine) are fairly easy to spot.
The distinction between Myotherapy,
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy can be
harder to fathom. While all involve
assessment, treatment and
rehabilitation, Myotherapy
predominantly focuses on
musculoskeletal pain, physiotherapy on
movement and osteopathy on structure.
In fact, if your therapist bases their
treatment on the latest available evidence
it should be difficult to tell exactly what
sort of practitioner they are!
I prefer to think of it like looking into a
room through different windows, one
labelled Myotherapy, one labelled
Physiotherapy and one labelled
Osteopathy. Each window has a slightly
different view, but the conclusion drawn
about what’s inside is very similar.
In common with the aforementioned
allied health professions, Myotherapy has
its own separate qualifications,
specifically the Bachelor of Health Science
(Clinical Myotherapy) and Advanced
Diploma (Myotherapy), which qualify
practitioners to undertake evidencebased assessment, treatment and
rehabilitation of patients experiencing
musculoskeletal pain and associated
Find a
Most musculoskeletal conditions have a
component of all three and therefore
there’s considerable overlap in what all
disciplines do and it’s quite possible to
see a Physiotherapist, a Myotherapist or
an Osteopath and receive exactly the
same assessment, treatment and
Matthew Jeffers is a qualified & practising


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