Next Gen Life - eMagazine Sept 2019 - Page 40

Awareness of self is the ability to look at yourself, truly to look at you in an unbiased or
non-judgmental way. Self-Awareness more formally is the conscious knowledge of one's
own character and feelings, however it can be difficult to isolate personality traits from the
day to day experiences that make you you, so let’s just say awareness of self is
awareness of ‘what’s going on for you’.
To keep pace in a transforming world, we need to be more aware than ever before of the
impacts of the experiences that comprise our lives. It is only through exploring how we
feel throughout our day to day activities that we can make appropriate choices that will sit
well with us as individuals and not cause any undue stress.
To keep pace, we need to accept that we will not be able to participate in everything,
master every new technology, agree with every new politically, socially driven movement.
But we can be aware of what those disruptions mean for us, in the present moment,
explore the impact of them on our being i.e. ‘what’s going on for you’. Instead of
disconnecting from the things that cause discomfort, feel like they’re too time consuming,
moving too fast or are beyond you, be aware of how they have made you feel. Look for
the aspects of these new experiences that excite or intrigue you, that motivate or inspire
and leave the door slightly ajar for each new experience so you can pick and choose, at
the right time in the right way, which transformative experiences will contribute to your
thriving self.
Dr Miranda Jensen is a workplace change management expert &
director of On Song Group


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